Is this fake or fact that Mr.

Is this fake or fact that Mr. Trump has won most (even majority doubtful based on polls and votes) American hearts? Please share your feedback
Note: I am not for or against this statement, but would like to know the truth.

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The fact that Trump has won the hearts of most Americans is proof that the liberals are getting on peoples last nerve. They want to give all the rights to misfits and criminals. But the decent people have no more rights.

i have come to realize that the ' enlightenment age" was in reality the beginning of liberalism. The battle against decency and the control of every ones mind.

You can't even take a shit any more with out some expert telling how.

The pseudo-intellectual egotistical maniacs bent on destroying the world. Yes history repeats itself. Civilization as we know it is a thing of the past..Welcome to all the freaks of the world.