It is important to see the source, validate the source, and the content in the source.

I can understand if men doctors do, but how about women doctors.

Personally, I believe self-reflection and intuition are connected, and intuition of highest level (what are those...

With regard to this subject material, it is not about men vs women, whereas it depends on factors such as, current...

Good one. But, why do humans want to be some other creature, when they can appreciate being born as a human?

In the 21st century where IoT, Social Media platforms and satellites are there for getting detailed information even...

How do you know that the one in the picture is a mother, and not father?

During historical times, the kings and queens led from the front in the battlefields.

How about when mammals are constipated? lol

Good one.

I will just share my thoughts on "Scientific Method".

I think what Cuba needs is a strong startup scene rather than a large conglomerate making inroads in the internet...

Yes, for sure irrespective of whether you are a success or a failure - provided you are lucky as I am and my...

Instead of focusing too much on wishful death, let us think about living and enjoying our life to our fullest in a...

Giving more tax money to organizations will not address deep structural problems.

Agreed. But, naked soul is not the same as getting topless or naked.

Can you see the difference between the two pictures within each gif?

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Others' business to a larger extent intertwines with our business as long as we are in this social network and...

Many times, we, as humans, have to experience materialism prior to reaching out to soul

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We try to look at everything in binary form when the universe is a continuum.

Extension of the earlier iperspective on time - Time certainly will not wait, but with time, you have the...

The mark or the ambition or the motto, and where it should be revolves largely on understanding yourself better.

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But, for sure, time will not wait for you.

Be honest to yourself wherever you are.

Interesting article.

It all boils down to how we see life.

We are overstretching the role of genes/genetics for everything.

Question of the day: When fb's, and ah's live/prey on others' work, would that be considered inquilines/inquilinism...

It certainly looks "Nice"

This is a touchy subject, but still would like to share my thoughts.

It need not be binary.

Mistakes do happen.

History of Pneumatic tubes that forms the basis for Hyperloop

Historical Perspective about Hyper loop - Is it new or something already visualized, and currently optimized with...

May I know why we would need Android when we can use assembly language?

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It depends on what type of bus and which jaguar. - Lol

Good thought.

An important food for memory and brain is good and restful sleep.

With three major employers involved, getting 10000 subjects should not be a problem.

Worth sharing.

Median salary in US is around $52000, and here is the average salary of gastroenterologists in other "developed"...

There is a saying, Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.

Interesting thought.

Second your thoughts.

Being nice, affectionate and feminist, does not mean that the person need not be an intellectual.

One more perspective: Names differ, but actions are similar.