During historical times, the kings and queens led from the front in the battlefields.

During historical times, the kings and queens led from the front in the battlefields. This is not to imply that we need to go back to those times, but we can always learn/retain the good things from the past. For that reason, whether it were to be making private lives public (as some social media founders foresaw) or sending a manned space mission with private public partnership (PPP), it would be more valuable, if the leaders promoting those initiatives come to the forefront. For example, how about we see what goes on in Amazon or Facebook CEOs house so that common people like us can learn from these great people on the value of those technologies.

How about President, Vice President, Prime minister and CEO of the space mission company go on the human space mission, and we get to see it live, would n't that be awesome? It would be even better, if these leaders stay in Mars and/or Venus for a stipulated time period in manned missions, and we get to see it live. It certainly will help global media companies with their ratings. With many senior leaders being great actors in the real world, they certainly would understand the value of media ratings.

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Already, moving our world from the desktop to the smartphone has reduced our creativity and increased our stress, increased our disconnection from one another. So: "Why do we think moving the device inside our brain will make things any better?" - and other good thoughts in here too. Like, conversations are not about information transfer, they are part of a negotiation of a shared understanding.
Here's Elon's optimistic position:
"The thing that people, I think, don’t appreciate right now is that they are already a cyborg. You’re already a different creature than you would have been twenty years ago, or even ten years ago. You’re already a different creature. You can see this when they do surveys of like, “how long do you want to be away from your phone?” and—particularly if you’re a teenager or in your 20s—even a day hurts. If you leave your phone behind, it’s like missing limb syndrome. I think people—they’re already kind of merged with their phone and their laptop and their applications and everything."
"We already have a digital tertiary layer in a sense, in that you have your computer or your phone or your applications. You can ask a question via Google and get an answer instantly. You can access any book or any music. With a spreadsheet, you can do incredible calculations. If you had an Empire State building filled with people—even if they had calculators, let alone if they had to do it with a pencil and paper—one person with a laptop could outdo the Empire State Building filled with people with calculators. You can video chat with someone in freaking Timbuktu for free. This would’ve gotten you burnt for witchcraft in the old days. You can record as much video with sound as you want, take a zillion pictures, have them tagged with who they are and when it took place. You can broadcast communications through social media to millions of people simultaneously for free. These are incredible superpowers that the President of the United States didn’t have twenty years ago."
via Tim Urban's very long piece on waitbuywhy.com