This is what people prefer when it comes to term limits. (See above link)

When it comes to electoral college, founding fathers instituted this mode of election coming out of wisdom. Majority of the citizens of a country don't have all the relevant facts (and, should be the case), and hence, popularity based election might not result in the best candidate for the country. This is where electoral college comes into play with the assumption that there will be right individuals over there. Term limits would certainly help on that front, and dissolution of electoral college is not necessary.

As I had put forth before, a better voting system should come into place that would enable multiparty system come to the forefront, thus providing alternatives.

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Sign our petition here! We CAN impose term limits without Congress' approval!
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Between the power of the parties and the lobbyist money, it's nearly impossible to get a career politician out of Congress no matter how much we despise their cronyism and corruption. WE NEED TERM LIMITS!