Need not be.

Need not be. If that were the case, we would not have repeating offenders even after accepting their guilt. Many times, these offenders knew their actions were questionable, but still continued doing the same until found guilty.

Guilt trip and cooperation would not be of any relevance for egomaniacal, self-centered, narcissistic sociopaths with not much empathy. Otherwise, we would not be seeing stock market crashes on a regular basis around the world.

Here are five examples:

Originally shared by Joe Carter

Finally somewhere constructive to apply all our years of training...


  1. You make some valid points from my perspective. Context is king and in certain contexts, my guess is guilt is a social currency that can be and is exchanged for cooperation, but I do think the broader thread is how we use social inclusion and rejection as a means of fostering behaviors, but even this has no sway to the sociopath, so again context is king, but there is some use in looking at the context of influences in our social experiential reality.

  2. That is why I am averse to generalizations, which is exploited by a section of (media, politicians, executives, religious leaders ...). Many times, context determines the difference between truth and lie, success vs failure, and more.

  3. VAL-U-PRO CONSULTING GROUP, LLC - SRIKANTH KIDAMBI While that is true, I know of no better means to communicate than using these contextual generalizations as pointers. Our feeble mechanisms to transmit ideas one to another is built on this nebulous foundation which itself has contextual pros and cons. Even words species and life are abstract membranes that give clarity in certain contexts and obscure truths in others.


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