This quote is gender independent

Interesting, and relevant.

If you were to forget your password, send an email to CIA.

If love is real, then inflation or deflation of any kind will not matter much.

And, strive to become better on every front

One suggestion is to surround yourself around similar minded people - Quality supersedes Quantity here

The fact that you have shared this quote means that someone has made you think.

Yes, it is certainly true.

Great example to an earlier post that I had shared

There are so many questions unanswered, and we are even reading about 2020.

Gender based pay gap for physicians - Continuation of an earlier post

Good. But, it does not serve the root cause of the problem.

Find an environment where they see your white space while suggesting to work on the black dot

You still have to remember, but it is more easy to remember.

One more example in the recent times: Nutrisystem founded by a salesman, and not nutritionist/or with any health...

When people with not much credentials can become politicians, and leader of countries, we scrutinize people with...

If you look at the entire ecosystem, along with supply/demand economics for resources, in combination with waste...