Combination of both, along with several other factors -

Combination of both, along with several other factors -

1. Population density more localized in the cities than ever in the history of mankind, which tends to be in the coastal areas - that magnifies the impact
2. Population increase from 1 billion in the early 1900's to 8 billion increases the magnitude of the impact
3. Behavioral psychology suggests negative news spread and impacts at least twice the speed of positive news (Rumor mill has always been there, but now it spreads faster than ever before)
4. Social media spreads the news faster than ever before
(interesting imagination of this topic put together by us -
5. Poor planning and management of infrastructure and construction around the globe also magnifies the impact (can be supported with literary and journalistic evidence)

(That is why radiative forcing and population optimization around the globe is crucial to management of resources - that I had mentioned many times earlier)

Originally shared by Guy Kawasaki

"Is the number of major natural disasters striking the United States actually increasing, or does the media’s natural tendency to overhype conflict only make it seem so?"