This quote keeps on repeating around the web.

This quote keeps on repeating around the web. This quote certainly brings out positivity to life. But, there are many aspects to this quote -

1. Leading and Guiding need not be binary, which means a great leader can be a good guide, and vice versa. For that matter, ability to guide is one of the required qualities for great leaders as can be seen from history.

2. For someone as deep was Swami Vivenananda, I am surprised that he is being credited with this quote. At the level, he was, he would have stopped thinking about winning and losing. Rather, would have considered everything as a learning experience.

3. CORRECTION: it should be, "lose" rather than "loose" in the post

4. Even for those into winning, and losing, it is relative. For example, a youngster dreamt of owning cars after cars as a way to show his winning, but left that dream to help his family, and was loved by all his friends and family. Is he a loser?

5. If you were to take the literal meaning of guide, Marco Polo, Tenzing and other guides changed history.

Is this jumper shared in the below link winner or loser?

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