If there were to be more than 1 billion of them, there needs to be some level of marketing to differentiate between each other. When it comes to difference between bragging and marketing, that is a different discussion.

For that matter, animals tend to have their own way to communicate and/or name each other. For humans, a group of dolphins/Pod are all dolphins, and a Pride of lions are all lions for humans. In the same way, all humans, in general, are all humans for lions and dolphins.

In reality, just like humans, dolphins supposedly have a naming system based on sounds. Lions mark their territory from other lions with urination (scent marking), and so on.

Point being: Within a pride of lions, lions have ways to differentiate between each other. In the same way, we have to bring out our talent through different channels rather than expecting to automatically get recognized.

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Originally shared by Miosotiz Contreras