Who funded this project?

Who funded this project? Condom, Pharmaceutical, and any other vested companies supported by vested politicians (Just a joke, and not referring to all politicians - only those vested)
These intellectual greats supposedly died virgin -

1. Tesla 2. Newton 3. Mother Teresa 4. Immanuel Kant 5. Queen Elizabeth I 6. J. Edgar Hoover (Not sure how true this one is) 7. Lewis Carroll 8. Andy Warhol 9. Joan of Arc 10. Dom Perignon

We can also point out many greats, who were not virgins.


By the way, contrary to the shared article from bustle, there are reports of groups (Nofap group) out there claiming to get superpowers from sexual abstinence.




When people who have shagged many times are at the helm in many countries, but are questioned for common sense, and intelligence (this is not my opinion, but coming out of articles published), neuronal growth and intelligence being connected to sexual activity alone appears to be overstretched.

Neuronal growth, brain ability and mind power depends on multitude of factors, and for those who have sex part of the equation, sexual activity could also come into play as long as there is self-control. Obviously, prudent sexual behavior to enhance quality of life is better than falling for other addictions.

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"Scientists have demonstrated that sexual activity boosts neuron growth in the brain's hippocampus. Abstinence, it turns out, does not make the brain grow at all." 😳