Education and Google -

Interesting topic. All founders of companies - Edison, Tesla, Ambani and more were self-employed.

There are multitude of factors that could come into play.

I was thinking of sharing this article right after seeing your post, but got held up with something else.

We had touched upon this topic many times in the past, and here is one more case about bots and fake followers...

Instead of uneducated, we could also say educated fools or

As an extension to the below post, would you attend Hogwarts (Harry Potter) or Rancho (from 3 Idiots) class on...

Is it coming from the Unicorn, or Is it your perspective?

Please share the source for this "fact".

Don't go by names or appearances - just because someone has the name, Mona Lisa, need not mean that the person would...


If this were to be true, instead of free, may be, the township could offer funding for such initiatives, as...

If this were to be true, instead of free, may be the township can offer funding to such initiatives.

Instead of man and men, let us change it to human and humen☺😊 - oops, plural form for human is humans

Though expectation is the cause for dejection, getting applauds and monetary gains from an honest and meaningful...

When it comes to competition in health at an individual basis, healthy competition is necessary to take us forward.

Interesting post.

"Life is simple, yet complicated"

ஓவரா பெட்ரா (Petra - Feminine name for Peter) விடுற பொண்ணும்

ஓவரா பெட்ரா (Petra - Feminine name for Peter) விடுற பொண்ணும்

Good one.

Good one.


Positive and Interesting post.


History supports this quote of Netaji.

#Condom effectiveness

We, humans, have figured out a way to extend our average life expectancy to around 68+ years, and still always worry...

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Clowns in a real circus adds value to that circus, and should not be blamed for their role play.

Good one.

Until matter is in place, which has been the case in modern human society, what we need is a balance between mind...

Whose Quote is it Anyway? #WhoseQuoteIsItAnyway

It depends on the nature of love and whether it is a conditional or an unconditional love.


I think it depends on the time span, and topic of focus.

அமைந்தால் சொர்க்கம் தான்.

Tattoo and What it means?

It would be better, if sensibility of words aligns with sensibility of actions.

Obesity, Inflation and Technology

It was shared by various media companies as early as in 2015. We can do our part too.

This is applicable for any person independent of gender - trying to please everyone, and for everything

Pascal Wager, Probability, Planet and People

The focus should not be about going higher, as higher could mean many things, and is a relative term.

My father's repeated wise saying was that you have to take care of yourself first before you could help others.

But, we can certainly learn from trustworthy, experienced individuals, and from other reliable sources.

I think these two questions are connected.

Or, it can also be a led light or sun light or moon light

Appreciating homogeneity in heterogeneity

ஆங்கிலேயர்கள் எப்படி இந்த வாழ்த்தை புரிந்து கொள்வார்கள்.