Education and Google -

Education and Google -

Comment: I differ a bit here, or in other words, I agree to disagree. Having taught at various levels, and also having been in industry for a while, I have seen people interpreting same information in different ways. To give an example, there was a quote on Rolex, which I guess, was extracted from Google, and there were differing opinions and missing information about that fact. That is where understanding in various areas becomes necessary.

Google is a platform, similar to education, and how much we extract out of it, and how we apply depends largely on the individual.

Effective utilization of brain and mind involves applying our brain in learning and understanding different topics. Many times, hands-on experience is essential to understand nitty gritty details.

Though we don't have to experiment the same thing 100 times as Edison did or apply theoretical knowledge to experiments as Tesla did, we still need to apply our brains, and actively do experiments to learn and understand minute details, which we could miss out just by reading articles from Google or from a book.

We will be sharing an interesting video in this regard soon