Positive and Interesting post.

Positive and Interesting post.

First and foremost, should we wait until those ages to accept that education, beauty, position, size of the house, bank balance, sleep does not matter?

If it does not matter at the end, what is the relevance of this life?

Based on the picture shared, Dr. Laxman appears to be at least 40 years young. If education does not matter, then what is the point in sharing the credential with the post? Will he practice for free?

Just because I have shared this perspective does not mean that I question Dr. Laxman's credentials or his thought process. This is being shared to promote a healthy discussion.

Life is a journey where knowledge directed wisdom should gain prominence irrespective of age. As part of following norm, education provides us with initial knowledge, but finally it is experience that expands our knowledge and transforms to wisdom. This is a lifelong process.

Beauty - Is dependent on the eyes of the beholder, and also pertains to both inside and outside beauty. When it comes to inside beauty, it can grow with age, if we are willing to learn from our experiences.

Money - at 80 matters, if not saved enough especially if healthcare becomes more and more expensive, and families become more and more independent, and smaller.

Sleeping and Waking up: Having healthy sleeping habits and an active lifestyle is necessary irrespective of age to have a healthy body and mind. This can be supported by looking at countries with longest and healthy life expectancy.

Originally shared by Srabani Das