Adhukkum confidence teva :-); once in a while, andha answer nechamavecorrect answera irukkalam .

Adhukkum confidence teva :-); once in a while, andha answer nechamave correct answera irukkalam ... Check below for more about this communication

Another example to the one shared below - During my younger days, to help my parents out, I tried my best to get unused books from friends and family, and of different types to learn more. My father, from his side, in order to motivate me and my siblings would not hesitate to take us to friends' place with kids, who excelled in their area of focus.

One such visit was to one of my father's colleague's house to meet a person by name, Easwaran, who got into IIT, but let go of that opportunity for his passion. I remember getting several books from him with one of them, a compact chemistry book written by Templeton, I think. That book captured lots of interesting aspects about chemistry, which went beyond text book material. During one of the classroom Q/A sessions in high school, there was a question about polymerization and Nylon66, I think. This topic was captured in detail in that book, and I could answer beyond what was mentioned in the book.

As the answer came from a quiet, and not so popular kid, the teacher was shocked and surprised as could be seen from her response and expression, possibly because it did not come from one of her favorite students.

This experience never went away from my memory, and my understanding of that situation improved with more experience, and understanding of the world.