Interesting point.

Interesting point. But, mental health screening of 18 year olds will not provide solution to this problem for the reason that many such incidents could be a spark of an inner rage cumulated over time, and distrust in the system in place. It is also the reason why we have started seeing incidents involving older adults in the recent times.

As per NAMI, approximately 1 in 5 experience mental illness in a given year (~44 million in 2015). Whereas, the number of mass shootings is close to 90 in number during the last 35 years, which is relatively small compared to overall population, without diluting any personal loss.

Instead, how about increasing age for gun ownership to 25 years. This suggested change is based on the recent 90 gun shootings, where the average age is 34. This is one of the suggestions.

We will offer complete analysis with our suggestions in the near future.

Originally shared by Ayoub “Alex” Khote

If the free availability of guns is so important, then why not have mandatory psych evals at age 18? People kill people, right? Catch those so-called mentally disturbed ones before they buy their assault rifle at Wally World and, y'know, help them to not become mass murderers.