Interesting. But, Disney's decision on MCD could also have been for strategic reasons rather than for only health reasons. I think this might have been the time when MCD started having kids play area in many of their chains.

Coming to Obesity, Obesity is determined by our lifestyle as much as where and what we eat, if not more. This is not an endorsement for any fast food chain, and I don't own any shares of MCD.

Certainly, there is a strong association between Obesity and Fast food chains, especially Obesity with number of Fast Food Chains. We ran this analysis a while back, will revisit and present this information soon.

At the same time, eating once in a while should certainly not cause obesity. Mr. Warren Buffet, as per his interviews, relies a lot on MCD food, and he is in his 80s. Obviously, he could afford any kind of health care with his billions.

When it comes to obesity, our sedentary, stressful life style along with spending more and more time in front of devices plays an important role in causing obesity. Our passions and interests also plays a role in leading a healthy life.

More about it soon.

Originally shared by H George Tavakoli