Thanks for sharing your thoughts as it is. Thoughtful, Deeply felt and Honest.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts as it is. Thoughtful, Deeply felt and Honest.

The one place that I agree to disagree is the timing of this change.

Societal changes and various issues were happening over time, and there tends to be a tipping point for anything and everything. We could consider it as a domino and/or butterfly effect. For example, the gap between labor force and population has been increasing at least for the last fifty years.

Moreover, when we are in the thick and thin of things, we don't observe those changes. Natural human tendency is also to wait until it affects us personally. For example, healthcare per capita costs has always been the highest in US, but until we get personally affected by unavailability of relevant medical services, we don't voice our opinion.

Originally shared by Tony Morton

This is for old people like me who remember when things were better. When kids wandering around their own neighborhoods weren't called "free range", when everybody didn't have a gun, when our government was relatively honest, when corporations cared for their workers like 'family', when we felt safe drinking our water, breathing our air and eating our food...and so many things that were good. Trying to remember when things started going to hell. I would like to think it was when George W Bush was elected and we lost so many rights. He started agencies designed to instill fear and paranoia. The Patriot Act and Homeland Security..even the names reek of fascism. It could have enen started with popular Bill Clinton who deregulated everything...especially banks..and financially destroyed so many of us a few years later. Not sure when NSA started spying on us and collected personal data on all of us.

My question is several-fold. Do you remember that the past was better and we actually had freedoms? Do you think a corrupt congress who takes bribes will ever vote for their own reform? Do you think we can ever trust our elections again? Now for the tough one: Do you think we will ever withdraw from places we have no business being, stop supporting rogue regimes and supplying weapons to our 'friends' that used those weapons to murder children? Will we ever have gun control [i don't recall our schools and other places being shot-up when I was younger and assault weapons being sold to just anyone.

I don't see all of these issues being fit into a Poll. These issues are very important to me and I am sure to you. I would really like your thought out comments and your opinion if we can return to those better safer times.

Thank you.