This appears to be not a pragmatic solution.

This appears to be not a pragmatic solution.

First of, assuming teachers to be all good and work for the betterment of the society is a biggest assumption we can make, and is not true. There are many stories out there to support this point, especially when money defines education big time nowadays.

Secondly, in schools, when there tends to be chaos during such shooting events, having bullets flying everywhere from both sides in narrow passages does not seem to be logical thinking.

If gun is to scare those shooters, many I believe that take that route tend to lose belief in the society, and/or misdirected by people around them or in the web.

This option seems to be a solution to sell even more guns.

Coming back to the topic of education, that is key to this problem, but not the kind presented in the below article.

More coming soon pertaining to education, teacher strike, performance of teachers, and education system in place.

There will also be a separate section with complete analysis on gun control.

Originally shared by Warner Todd Huston

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