There is an old Tamil saying

There is an old Tamil saying,

"ஆவதும் பெண்ணாலே மனிதன் அழிவதும் பெண்ணாலே"

which means a man's success or failure depends on a woman (women), and this saying partly aligns with your post.

In the Tamil saying, it need not be only success, but could also be a failure.

In this 21st century, for marriages and/or relationships to be successful, couples should be willing, and also adaptive to change in role play.

For example, Pepsi's CEO Indra Nooyi had mentioned about her husband's role in her success..

This is not an endorsement for Pepsi, and we will see some interesting stories about Pepsi soon. Instead, it is an appreciation for an immigrant couple, who have excelled, and lead one of the largest companies in the world, while bringing up talented daughters.

Originally shared by Michael Rayel

Behind every successful man is a woman who flames his inner fire to succeed.

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