Usually, unrestricted terms are seen in developing economies (Eg.

Usually, unrestricted terms are seen in developing economies (Eg. 10+ countries in Africa), where there tends to be issues with corruption, and/or unavailability of reliable leaders to lead the country (continuity planning issues). Whereas, it makes me question the reason for change in the most populated country striving to become a global leader on every front.

There are also other large countries with unlimited term limits, but the political framework and the system in place has put in restrictions on the term limit. For example, in India, except for couple of PMs early on after Independence, no one else has been PM for more than 10 years. I am not certain whether it will be the same in China.

May be, this change in term limits could have been initiated after seeing the situation of some other developed economies with questions about elected leaders, and their leadership abilities.

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On Sunday, China's ruling Communist Party proposed to remove presidential term limits from the Constitution, potentially allowing Xi to continue in power after his second term, which ends in 2023.