This is not completely true for any country.

This is not completely true for any country. For that matter, globally, USA was, and still is at many parts of the world considered as the land of opportunities, and remains a dream place for many.

What some sections of the world detest is the policies, and policing around the world. This happens with other countries too. Moreover, corruption, excessive materialism, and cronyism has sidelined the country (irrespective of political affinities) in the global arena for a while now.

This point of view does not take into account extreme views coming from bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and prejudice.

How to limit extreme views?
As mentioned by Mark Twain, Travel is certainly a way to reduce bigotry, narrow-mindedness and prejudice.

In addition, building skill set that empowers us to adapt to change,


Expanding on our education, exposure and experience (EYE) would further strengthen us to become more open-minded

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