Interesting article.

Interesting article.

If you were to look at various pieces of our company's work and writings, we come back again and again on various environmental effects at different levels.

What is presented in this article is the traditional past, and present environment, but we might also be setting our foot to a totally different type of environmental effect in the coming years, which could make the younger generations immune to violence, and care less on real issues to be addressed such as, environment, climate changes, rising water levels in oceans, sustainable energy and food production, and more.

This is tied to our recent post on, "If you don't use, you lose", combined with the promotion of a lifestyle amongst majority towards making private life public while pushing for a technology intensive education system that relies more on commercialization of education, and lesser lesser on values.

Why do I say that?
Let us start with, "If you don't use, you lose" - right after sharing our last post on this topic, there was an interesting article on the drop in IQs since 1970s. With more and more reliance and misuse of technology, we might end up seeing this trend continuing making the movie, Idiocracy, more than a fiction comedy movie. We already see one aspect of it coming to fruition with social media influencing elections around the globe.

Secondly, when we promote a lifestyle that pushes more and more private life to public, our priorities and focus on learning would come down as learning will not be as attractive as increasing our popularity in anyway possible, and spending all the time on posting selfies.

Thirdly, aligning with the first point, when education secretary, and other elected leaders at different levels are supposedly elected/nominated (at least to the eyes of the citizens - though something else might be happening behind the scene) less on merit, and more based on connections and positions, merit and value of right and relevant education could be rarely perceived at the top, and that would trickle down throughout the society. We are seeing that happen throughout the world with increasing stories about cronyism, corruption in educational institutions.

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Environmental stress as part of the tapestry of influences that shape our development, and can echo not only for a lifetime, but propagate across the wider culture. When we do not address this, even if that failure is by way of apathy, we become the authors of our own poverty.

The Neural Signature of Community Violence