Isn't it ironical?

Isn't it ironical?

We do all kinds of research, some of them even twisted, to prolong life, and then figuring out ways to legally take away those.

This takes me to a question of what would happen to humans, if we find a way to live forever.

History suggests that intrinsic human traits have not changed much, and if we were to live forever, we would end up seeing the life cycle of human actions repeating again and again, and over time, majority of the people, if not all, will get bored of the life figuring out ways to take it away. If that were the case for humans, think about God, who oversees us. Would not (s)he be bored by now?

This thought is not to imply that we should not focus on increasing life expectancy, but more to understand the potential challenges of increasing life expectancy.

From the perspective of resources, with increasing life expectancy along with increasing population, managing resources will also be a challenge as we see even now, and requires prudence even at an individual level.

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You can kill yourself without getting into trouble now in the Netherlands. Or have someone else kill you. They may have to be licensed though. Fascists.