This is an interesting and intertwining subject, and we certainly believe moral behavior certainly need not align...

This is an interesting and intertwining subject, and we certainly believe moral behavior certainly need not align with free will.


Let us start with the global view:

Free-will will become non-existent, if the world is deterministic, and the time is already defined.

For those into spirituality and philosophy, if we have destiny, then everything is defined, and then free-will becomes insignificant as our actions are already being defined by external forces.

The concept of determinism is also indirectly connected to pattern recognition and analytics, and defining the world more and more by mathematics will certainly question the concept of free-will.

For the same argument, determinism will supersede moral behaviors as well.


General view with specifics:

If the above reasoning were not the case, free-will and moral behaviors are subjective, and depend on multitude of factors.

For example, the moral values of Neanderthals were certainly not the same as Modern humans.

In the same way, overall moral values of humans 1000 years back was not the same as what it is now.

Similarly, moral values of one culture need not all be in alignment with another culture, and depends largely on the society you live in.


When it comes to free will, it is also subjective.

For example, citizens might think that their actions are all coming out of free-will, but those with power might be indirectly directing the will of citizens.

We might have hundreds of examples from various angles to show that environment plays a bigger role in human development, and still genetics and eugenics would be pushed for everything by those vested in it in order to justify zillions invested.

Another example, parents might give leeway to a child to pick a chocolate of his/her own, but might limit options in order for the child to pick what they believe is the right one for that kid.


This is a deep subject, but to wrap up for now, we will complete this section with this thought.

Free-will and moral behaviors also largely depend on the concept of EYE,
a slogan that our organization believes in.

Exposure, and
While Optimizing Expectations

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An interesting perspective:

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