This is why we put forth the importance of the sayings

This is why we put forth the importance of the sayings,

"Out of sight, Out of mind",
"Don't use, You lose"

tied to many of our company efforts and initiatives - this is also connected to my earlier writings on "Idiocracy" (check out the clips below from the movie, Idiocracy), and non-use of our brains relying completely on technology.

2. (posted several years back)

This statement is not against technology, but it is about over-reliance and misuse of technology.

This point of view is also relevant for a person or object,
"Out of Purpose, then it will go Out of Mind" - literally and philosophically.

On the positive front, "Out of Purpose" situation could result in something better. Let us take the example of Penny Farthing bicycles. Penny-Farthing bicycles were replaced by more safer bicycles in the 1880s, while giving opportunity for those who admire history to cherish the progress over the years.

There are also times when "Out of Purpose" should not lead to "Out of Mind".

What/When are those times?
We need to value history and people who transformed the society in a positive way, even though they don't serve any obvious, visible purpose any more (as perceived) in order to retain our understanding on the history of "progress" of human-kind
(What is progress? - That is a different question).

This keeping in mind would also help us limit bitter historical happenings from repeating again.

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As things lose their purpose, they also lose their prominence. This happens on many scales from ideas, to experiences to the focus in individual lives to the developmental track our body takes over the course of a lifetime or over many generations. Here's a look at potential vestigial echoes of features in our human biology were once more prominent, but are now fading from disuse.

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