Here is my perspective:

Here is my perspective:

1. See, when see something new, we try to downplay what was out there in the past. Yes, certainly there are biases in the media which is true for social media too, but generalizing every action of mass media being wrong questions the entire offering of media for more than a century now.

What has happened recently being that the focus has been directed towards the fastest way to generate revenue, and profit rather than going to the fundamentals of journalism. This is even more true for social media.

2. Secondly, mass media have also been reporting about poverty for years, but the reach was limited. With the advent of social media platforms, there has been a democratization of information, and when we actively get involved in generating news and information, we see the issues more in hand.

3. At the same time, social media also exaggerates information even more than ever before due to the speed of transfer of information, the reach of social media and the varying backgrounds of the receiver of the information.

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Originally shared by Joe Carter

If 19 in 20 Americans Don't Know About World Poverty is true, then it is probably also true that the information sources by which we humans establish "what is and what is not", namely traditional media sources, do not deliver a accurate and proportional image of what is going on. Asking; "Why does a mass media conjured narrative that does not agree with reality exist?" may be a good question to peruse, but one thing we can do right now, in light of this fact, is recognize that passively accepting the common channels of information to be proportional and reliable is not an effective way to develop a clear view by which to navigate, set priorities, and act. In order to navigate with a clear picture we have to actively seek reliable data and actively use that data as the means by which we form our view and act.

Here is one place that appears to be attempting to close the gap between the distorted media cultivated image and actual reality. This is not to say we do not face challenges, but it is to say that what is happening is not what is being presented through mass media communication channels.