Interesting article.

Interesting article.

More than neuroscience, this article captures psychological, behavioral and social science.

Personally, I believe most of those listed are effects rather than the causes.

Just like all negative characters shown in superhero movies, for eg. Lex Luthor, one strongest reason for evil intentions is the longing for power, and then exploit it for wrong reasons. Historically, if we were to look at Kings and leaders on the wrong side of the history book, expectation for adulation coming with the gain of power meaning expecting everyone to just accept the ideas and views presented by that power monger is also another reason that blinds the person for good causes.

To give you an example, recently I came across an interesting Akbar-Birbal story. Here is the gist of that story, which is appropriate for adults too.

Birbal, a chief minister in Akbar's court was known for wit and intelligence. The King of Persia, a close friend of Akbar, invited both Akbar and Birbal to their kingdom. During the stay, Birbal gradually started gaining popularity in that kingdom with his humor and intelligence. So, the King of Persia was keen to test Birbal's intelligence, and invited both Akbar and Birbal to a party in his courtyard later on that day.

When Birbal and Akbar went to the court for the party, the King of Persia took Birbal aside, and told him to find out the only guest in the court as all others were employees. Birbal took up the challenge, but requested the King to crack a joke in front of everyone. That King, being a normal king with not much sense of arrogance, took the suggestion of Birbal, and tried to a crack a joke. Once the King said a joke, right after that Birbal was able to guess the only guest in the group.

Do you know how?
The joke was not up to the mark, and only the guest did not smile much. Whereas, all other employees were laughing their as*** out, as they happened to be King's employees.

In this example, the King was sportive and friendly, and was willing to learn from this experience.

But, many times, the longing for power also tends to be supplemented by a mindset, that of being a privileged individual deserving to get every resources out there. Further, the person would be blinded by fixed and narrow minded beliefs. Most importantly, the person tend to be averse to learning right things, and would be surrounded by sycophants. When such a person ends up at the helm, then that mindset would spread throughout the society.

To wrap up, I will share another story, a real one. A student, who got into bad friendship started committing small mistakes, and over time started justifying every action. These small mistakes turned out to become larger and larger crimes, when the sense of power and increase in wealth clouded the thoughts of this individual, and finally ended up meeting an untimely end.