Interesting video.

Interesting video. I think there is also a study about structural differences in brain between liberals and conservatives, and we had asked the question,

"What would happen to brain when there is a multi party system?"

There are several aspects to this discussion:

a. When an economy is largely driven by financial progress with not importance given to value and spiritual growth, it does not matter what the nature of affiliation happens to be. Money will take over Values independent of party affiliation.

b. Secondly, if you were to look at politicians and even common citizens, there are many who switched parties over time due to combination of getting more power, and other vested interests. As long as once greed supersedes, it does not matter what the underlying moral values are. There are stories around the world where politicians change parties like changing their dresses.

c. Public shaming and/or Punishment would work only when a person cares about decency, and moral values. Otherwise, it is not going to be heard.

For example, we have reports after reports about high incarceration rates, high level of corruption around the globe, high health care costs, poor performance of students to educational spending for years, and still it has gotten worsened.

There are repeated articles about widening wealth gap around the globe, and it is widening even further.

Originally shared by Joe Carter

Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives