It depends on the individual.

It depends on the individual.

If a person learns from the past, in other words, if the person happens to be an active learner of experiences, (s)he will remember what happened in the past, and will become a keen observant this time to avoid repeating the same unsavory experiences.

Similarly, remembering fond memories while understanding the journey of life would increase positivity, and potentially enhance observing capabilities in the present time compared to someone depressed in the past.

The point being - Observing capability, and what we opt to observe, and to what extent depends a lot on that individual. This again takes us to the slogan, EYE.

E - Expand
Y - Your
E - Right & Relevant Education, Experience & Exposure

Originally shared by Neuroscience News

Past Experience Shapes What We See More Than What We Are Looking At Now

Humans recognize what they are looking at by combining current sensory stimuli with comparisons to images stored in memory.

The research is in eLife. (full open access)