We will look into this issue to see whether we can offer a product from our side.

We will look into this issue to see whether we can offer a product from our side. But, for now, here are some suggestions that might work:

1. Please check out http://donotcall.gov site, which gives options to add your phone number to their registry, as well as to report the phone numbers of unwanted calls.

Does it help completely?
Most probably, no.

I had my phone number added to this list some time back, and followed several other steps recommended on that site, and on the FTC site, and I still get spam calls at regular intervals. Now, with elections coming up, my phone also gets bombarded with political calls.

(We need to bring order to this political election process by streamlining the campaign procedure, and funding requirements. When countries could pile up in debt, why not government set aside funding money for elections. Moreover, this is one area where technology could play a significant role, if done right -
We will share our five point plan on streamlining elections soon).

2. Let the calls go to the answering machine.

3. If you are a person, who believes in tit for tat. You could bombard the robocall number with your own robocalls. There might be free services available out there.

Would we take this route? We believe that it is not worth the time and effort.

May be, government could set aside some funds to robocall those frequently complained numbers. How is it?

Originally shared by Tony Morton

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