Interesting article.

Interesting article.


There are four aspects to any unique personality, especially one where the person is equipped with exceptional energy and abilities, but has difficulty with emotional fluctuations, and sustaining those abilities over a longer period of time.

1. First comes the support network system to understand the talent, and direct the talent in the right direction, and engage them in the right areas to gradually improve on emotional challenges.

2. Such individuals need to be gradually ingrained with humility to understand the bigger picture of life, and understand that there is more than what one excels in. This mindset could also help in reducing drastic mood changes.

3. Meditation and physical exercise, and activities not in their comfort zone could help in keeping them engaged, while ingraining humility.

4. Promoting an environment to enhance social skills, and ability to adapt to different environments could also help on that front.

Also, understanding that we all age over time, and our Ferrari capabilities could not be sustained might also help to keep us grounded.


Originally shared by Joe Carter

The Unexpected Gifts Inside Borderline Personality

"...People who were born emotionally intense, sensitive, and gifted with heightened perceptivity are like powerful sports cars. It is as if they have a potent engine that requires a special fuel and a specific kind of care. In the right condition and with the right keeping, they can be one of the most high-performing machines in the world and win many races. The problem, however, is that they may not have been taught how to run this powerful machine. "