That is very much connected to intrinsic human nature.

That is very much connected to intrinsic human nature.

Hypocritical attitude, that looks at a black dot or minute defect in an entire white space rather than appreciating the white space or the progress of change that happened to reach that white space, is deeply ingrained into human nature. Instead, it would help, if that criticism helps in figuring out a way to remove the black dot, provided it brings in a meaningful change.

Obviously, scientists and engineers with better education and knowledge would be expected to understand the challenges and reasons culminating in some of the errors, but the same education with short-sighted views makes us more critical of others' work. Moreover, commoditization of commercialization plays a big role in the unsavory critiquing of others' work, many times without rhyme or reason.

While outlining the topic of education, it is important to remember the following quote, which is usually credited to Albert Einstein that,

"Education is not about learning of the facts, but the training of the minds to think".

To further add to this quote, our coined word "EYE" - Expand your Experience, Exposure, and Education would come in handy to train our minds to think the right way.

Many times, education is less about getting degrees, but more about learning from observation, history, cultures, languages, and more.

As presented before, there are many nuances to learning, and can encompass different facets of learning such as, experiential, inferential, tacit, observational, reinforced learning to name a few.

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"There are sadistic scientists who hurry to hunt down errors instead of establishing the truth."

Marie Curie