Years back, we had mentioned about the disruption that this form of business model is going to bring in our, Uber vs. Kuber, article. As mentioned then, there was a recent article that shows how it is altering the landscape of the taxi business altogether. Though any form of progress for the right reasons should be appreciated, an app model such as this one which extracts work, and resources from the owners and generates revenue stream, not even profit that gets siphoned out to a selected few is something that we are going to promote, then we need to start revisiting on the road map for the future of this planet.

Why should we ask that question right now?

If we are going to promote this kind of business model and mindset amongst masses, where driving based businesses generating $100s of billions of inflated valuation,  thus indirectly promoting this kind of career, then we need to start asking the question what is the value of education then? This is one aspect that led us to ask the following question in the past-


1. VAM 2. SHAM 3. GLAM, 4. DAMN 5. SCAM

Should individuals amass loads of debt in education then? 

This question was brought up even years back, and that trend, if anything appears to have gotten worse.

You might be wondering the reason for this connection. 

Recently, I heard a story about a driver,  who had shared his plight to one of my indirect connections, citing the reason for becoming a driver for one of the Uber-type service providers. 

This individual, an experienced Engineer, according to him, was overseen for freshers, who, though, did not have much background in that area were preferred as a trainee-employee due to attractive compensation metrics that came into play for the management. For that reason, this individual with years of experience in an engineering field ended up opting out to take up the share ride driver position, which he felt offered him better compensation, though not the one that he preferred, compared to an alternative Engineering role. If this kind of trend persists, then we need to ask the question what would be the value of education in the future?

Consumer LoL times:
What are we up to next? With gadgets such as Fitbit out there gradually providing avenues to track our exercise regimen, are we going to pay to walk? Are we for Uber-Walk in the future? Going by the current trend, most likely, we, humans, will. 

Is there a connection between these recent trends and the movie, Idiocracy?

iPerspective / EYEPERSPECTIVE:
The perspective shared above is from a statesman perspective. 

At the same time, we can't tilt the decision of decision-makers, when there are bigger powers controlling these decisions. For that reason, from a business perspective, we have decided to renew our efforts to empower our UB-OLA project.