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What is my take on this recent hire and University affiliations? See below for links.

Recently, I received an email from a family member sharing the news of a person hired at the 

highest level, who happened to be an alma mater from one of the universities where we 
graduated from. Though it is good to see that an individual with similar affiliation, this is what 
I had shared as my Eye Perspective. Please share what you think from your end.


A CEO of a company, a President of the country, basically the leader of any organization will not focus on Alma mater etc and have reached there through various means including political astuteness, timing etc. 

For example, in the case of Dr ####, this is the election year and the mentioned person happened to be the Professor in Arizona, one of the red states which has remained a crucial state for Presidential elections over the years, while also giving the impression that the country is a supporter of minority with Asian Americans accounting for 5.4% of the population. 

Moreover, Asian Americans are the most affluent and most qualified community in terms of overall education and experience. He also happens to be a first-gen immigrant, which in a way, contradicts the recent action to limit H-1B visas keeping watchers around the globe, especially from India, with questions. Most importantly, as mentioned in my article, "Blue Ocean, Red Ocean or a Desert with one tall building", technology is not an accelerator any more, but has become the propelling force and strategy. 

With all kinds of heavy investments on tech and surveillance products around the globe, which are developed by many leading tech companies headed by Indian/Asian Americans would have also led to hiring of this individual.

In this age of surveillance, everything is tracked including what I write. I am not taking credit for it, but I would like you to keep that in mind. I had written an article about Asian American minorities in the US, and this hiring happened within a few days after that article came out, which appears to be certainly beyond coincidence in this surveillance intensive country.

What else is in place with this hiring?
In psychology, for some, it is called the identifiable victim effect, where they showcase the example of one person again and again to present a big picture. For some others, it is scapegoating. Think about what happened to all those individuals who worked for President Trump.

My viewpoint on what is Progress and Success for an individual: 
If someone were to hold onto past credentials and affiliations, it is difficult to make progress. In terms of what is progress and success, for some, holding these kinds of positions is progress/success, for another, running a company is progress/success. It varies with "EYE", motivation, and ambition of a person.

For example, Tom Brady who was a fallback Michigan quarterback, according to me was not fairly treated at the University, took that experience in his stride, worked/persisted, learnt from that experience and has become one of the best (or, even the best in terms of championships) quarterbacks in the NFL. 

If you were to look at the roster of Patriots in the US Football League, check out which Universities they have come from.

For that matter, except for loving parents, most of the relationships have some form of expectations, especially University affiliations. University will not run without headcount and with Universities having become so commercially oriented, Universities would not lose the opportunity to point that success out as much as possible. The same university, most probably, did not even want to touch that person or care much, while (s)he was struggling.

Hope this clarifies my viewpoint. 

What defines Success?
To wrap up, all this alma mater is good. Finally, success of an individual (as per the definition of that individual) boils down to various factors such as, smart and hard work, patience, persistence, political acumen, timing etc, if we were to be in a more meritocratic society. But, that is not the case around the globe, and therefore, nowadays, many of the "successful" people have done all kinds of shady things to become "successful", which can be proven from all the news media articles out there. 

Just my 2 tulips thought -

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