Letter to Indiana University, Bloomington and IUPUI


Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay 

To Kelley School of Business,
With companies having valuation in the trillions, along with putting their hands in every area possible restricting and limiting other new companies to grow, flexing their muscles in every way possible (documented examples can be presented), it makes me wonder whether topics taught in the business school such as, Oligopoly, Monopoly, Pseudo monopolistic markets, HHI etc has any meaning in the real world. Unlike many other areas, students come to business school to learn areas that are really applicable in the real world. However, it appears that there is a disconnect between reality and the academic learning. In the same way, many aspects of business law captured in the business school appears to be irrelevant in the real world such as balancing accounts, matching debt with credit etc.
For the reason cited, I would like to submit a petition to Indiana University to refund the money paid towards the MBA program, and also pay for the opportunity costs that was expended by me spending time and efforts learning areas that appears to be irrelevant in the real world. I look forward to a favorable consideration in this regard.
Supporting Documents to show opportunity costs lost:
I came out and paid on my own rather than through this funding source. I opted out of taking any freebie unlike some others, who took or taking unaccounted and uncalled for risks and spread the risks on innocent people by repeatedly filing for bankruptcies.

I also tried my best to perform to the best level possible, and did not get bogged down by educational prowess alone. Here is one documented proof.